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Angles Of Earth


Earth Angels are those who have an overarching prayer and wish to bring peace, light and love to the earth, humanity and all beings. We have found some of these Angels amongst us and have soulfully connected with their respective missions to give back to our local communities and abroad.  City of Angels is proud to be supporting these beautiful Angels.  

Tenfed was founded in August 2015 by long time friends, Mike and Kory. They were each at a place of little passion for what they were doing. Mike left the corporate world and Kory sold his landscaping business to fuel their true passion of doing something greater for the world. It is their mission to help feed as many hungry children as possible. For every Tenfed item that is sold, TEN meals are provided to feed hungry children around the globe. To date, they have provided almost 300,000 meals to hungry children including locally, here in Canada. Tenfed partners with Kids Against Hunger Canada.


Slow Day Studios was born during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to nourish founder Casey, and her artistic spirit with bold, bright and earthy earrings, while also giving back to the community in a meaningful and long lasting way. As someone who has candidly struggled with anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges throughout her life, she has made it a priority to contribute to accessible resources within the city of Toronto, and hopes to help dismantle the stigma surrounding these types of challenges. With Casey, we proudly support the following organizations. Gerstein Crises Center | The 519 | Hard Feelings | Fire House | Black Health Alliance


Founders Rina and John started Buck Naked out of necessity when traditional baby products caused skin irritations for their son. When they were unable to find suitable options, they decided to make their own. They are committed to being chemical free, using only pure, natural ingredients. Along with creating their all-natural, vegan, handcrafted skin care products, they are conscious of where they source their ingredients and the communities it impacts. They have made a commitment to only buy shea butter that is certified by the Global Shea Alliance. They are an alliance of manufacturers, refineries and distributors of shea butter that come together and help shea producing communities and women specifically. Women are the main producers of shea butter in these communities. This organization works to ensure they receive fair wages. As a women-led business, we are very proud to be supporting Buck Naked!